Courgette flatbread

We’re in full courgette (aka zucchini) glut season at the moment, so courgette is currently on the menu pretty much every meal, except breakfast, because you won’t ever be catching me making zoats!

Being given temporary responsibility over the vegetable garden I now understand the whole courgette glut thing. Do you know how quickly those baby marrows grow. I did not! Even after our ‘wonderful’ english summer I swear you leave them five minutes and they go from a half grown babies to full on marrow status.

After making too much roasted courgette pasta and having courgette on the side of everything I needed to make something a bit more inventive. I really wanted to make this as easy as sticking a frozen pizza in the oven and tried too many of variations of trying to cook the courgette and flatbread together, but it just wasn’t working out. The results were a lot of undercooked courgette and overcooked flatbread! So in the end I found it was best to grill the courgette and bread separately and assemble once cooked. And it is definitely worth the effort. I say serves two in the recipe, but you might want to make one each, as ate a whole one to myself!