Overnight oats

Hey guys. Jane today I'm gonna show you how to make overnight oats and
I'm gonna show you three really easy ways to make them
I always make overnight oats when I know I'm gonna have a really busy day the next day and it takes less than two minutes to put all the ingredients
together and then I've got a healthy breakfast for the next morning and I
don't even have to think about it. I can just eat it and go these recipes are all
completely dairy gluten-free and sugar-free so they're really healthy and I just really love all of them. So I'm really excited to show them to you let's
get started

First, we're gonna make blueberry lemon overnight oats it may sound fancy but it's a really simple recipe and it's surely delicious it's definitely one of my favorite Sorvino oats recipes so what you'll need is 1/2 a cup of whole rolled oats I'm going to add that to a jar you can also use a ball if you don't have a jar now I'm adding 2 teaspoons of chia seeds these add good protein healthy fats and they also bind all of the ingredients together to make a nice porridge because they absorb water really well and then
1/2 a cup of water and then just give that a little mix now I'll add a pinch
of cinnamon and a pinch of ground vanilla powder this is optional but they
give it extra flavor and they're full of antioxidants and then one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to give it a lemony flavor but if you want to skip the step and just do plain blueberry oats that'll be really good too I often do plain blueberry but blueberry lemon oats are really amazing
so I'm adding half a cup of frozen blueberries you can also use fresh but I
think frozen blueberries work really nicely for this I always like to add
some nuts or nut butter to my oats for extra protein today I'm using 14 raw
almonds this goes really nicely with the blueberry lemon flavor and then this is totally optional but you can add one to two teaspoons of 100% pure maple syrup to make it a little sweeter or you can just add it to taste. I don't always do this it really depends on what kind of fruit and using to sweeten the earth´s but because I added the lemon juice I'll definitely have some sweetener and now the oh it's just either soaked in the fridge overnight.
The reason that you need to leave the oats to soak overnight is so that the
oats and the chia seeds can soak up the water and soften it's really yummy
so I'll just cover the jar with a lid and put it in the fridge. And when I wake up in the morning my oats are ready to eat and I don't even need to think about making breakfast. It's perfect for a busy day I'm just adding the urge to a bowl you can see the oats and the chia seeds have absorbed the water really nicely and it's become a porridge and I'm topping
it with one flat teaspoon of unsweetened almond butter that I've already measured. That I don't always add the extra nut butter on top if I've already got nuts mixed in but sometimes a little swollen up that on top just gives it that extra something and it looks really pretty too but you don't even have to put the oil into a separate Bowl, you can literally just eat it out of the jar with a spoon.
Next we're gonna make peanut butter raisin or Bernards, this is such a classic or Bernards recipe and the natural peanut butter
makes that a high protein healthy breakfast. What you'll need is half a cup
of whole rolled oats which I'm gonna add to a jar and I'm adding two teaspoons of chia seeds again and then half a cup of water and I'll just mix it all together you can also use unsweetened almond milk
or another milk instead of water for any of these recipes if you want to but it's not essential for our works perfectly and these are the three essential
ingredients that you need to make urban alerts from there you can really
experiment with different flavor combinations which is really fun to do.
Now I'll add a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of ground vanilla powder again this is optional but they really do give it that little pop of extra flavor and cinnamon also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels which is really awesome and then one tablespoon of unsweetened natural peanut butter this adds healthy protein and some healthy fats too and it
will make the overnight oats extra creamy and peanut buttery. You can use
smooth or crunchy I've used smooth and then a quarter cup of sweetened
raisins this helps to Sweden loads naturally and also add some healthy carbs and father and the raisins also go really nicely with the peanut butter. Now I'm adding 1 teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup to make it just a little bit sweeter. This is optional and you can add it to your personal tastes and then just give it another quick stir and now it just needs a soak in the fridge overnigh. So I'll just cover the jar with a lid again and pop it into the fridge.
And the next day the overnight oats are ready to eat. I'm just adding the oats to a bowl again and you can add a little bit of unsweetened almond milk or a little drop of water to the oats if it's become a bit too thick for you. Usually, you don't need to do this but every now and again it just gets a little bit thick and these toppings are optional. But today I'm topping my peanut butter or nut oats with another teaspoon of and swimming peanut butter just to make it, even more, peanut buttery and I'm also gonna add a few strawberry slices on top. Because sometimes I just love to add something fresh as a topping if there's no fresh fruit already in the recipe and
strawberries also go really well with this odd recipe but you can also use
banana slices that are amazing too. Just keep in mind that if you want to
add a lot of fruit on top afterwards then you may want to reduce the amount of sweetener that you use in the actual recipe because if you go crazy with fruit and sweetener then it might be a little bit too sweet in the end.

The last overnight oats recipe that we're going to make today is coffee banana overnight oats. This is a quick and easy high-energy breakfast
so again you'll need half a cup of whole rolled oats and two teaspoons of chia seeds again and for this recipe, I'm gonna use 1/2 a cup of brewed coffee instead of water and mix that up. If you don't like coffee though
then this recipe actually works without it too you can just use 1/2 a cup of
water instead of using the coffee. Then I'm adding a pinch of ground vanilla
powder and cinnamon again and one banana that I've smashed up with a fork. This adds healthy carbs it helps to sweeten the oats and it makes it extra creamy and then 14 raw almonds for some healthy protein. Now you can add one to two teaspoons of 100% pure maple syrup to make it a little sweeter are only at the sweetener for this recipe. If I've used coffee if I've just used water then I find that the sweetness from the banana is enough for me but you can add it to your personal taste and now the
oats are ready to go in the fridge and the next day you're actually ready to
eat first thing in the morning.
I'm just adding a little bit up and sweet and almond milk again and then
I'll just mix that in but you can also use a little bit of water if it's gone a
bit thick and you don't even have to do this if the consistency is good for you. And now for the toppings today I'm topping my coffee banana overnight oats with a few extra fresh banana slices and
some fresh blueberries as well. This is optional and I've just done this to make it look pretty. Rarely but both the banana slices and the fresh blueberries go really nicely with this oats recipe. All of these overnight oats recipes serve one and they're all pretty low in calories but they still contain a lot of good nutrients which is what is so great about them. All of these recipes are completely sugar-free gluten-free and dairy-free so they're really healthy. They're also balanced with good carbs protein and healthy fats so they're all nice balanced breakfast options.

The blueberry lemon overnight oats will give you 353 calories without toppings. The peanut butter raisin overnight oats will give you 413 calories without the toppings and the coffee banana over nut oats will also be 413 calories without any of the toppings.